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Moscow Rules [Large Print]: 16 Point by Daniel Silva

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Moscow Rules
Daniel Silva
Why would I or anyone want to read yet another entry into a long series about a main character that defies convention, logic, tradition, his personal safety, other persons’ personal safety, diplomatic relationships, personal relationships and his marriage only to survive in the end in the forgiving arms of his beautiful and understanding wife?
The answer is that Silva is a spy-master al la le Carré combined with the detailism of a Clancy, the action sequences of a Thor, the historical perspective like a Berry and the character integrity of a Baldacci. Not only is his writing worth reading just for the pleasure of it, Silva combines world affairs, some on the radar and some below it, with lessons and messages that are offered only to those who accept them. His is not a proselytizing way.
He never lets his readers feel content that his main character will survive. We never know when the series might end, as all things eventually do. We hope that the risks and the penalties absorbed by the character do not do him in but with each book the man is older but less wise about the risks he absolutely must incur. I still get a feeling of relief when he actually makes it into some safe house to convalesce.
Whether you have read Silva or not; whether you are familiar with the series or not; you are advised to read Moscow Rules.
We have no trouble spotting the bad guy in this book: Ivan Kharkov is ex-KGB and is now engaged in supplying weapons to the absolutely wrong countries. In short order, Israeli foreign intelligent agent Gabriel Allon is on the hunt for Kharkov. Allon’s travels take him to various countries such as Italy, France, Russia and the American capitol. Author Silva has a keen appreciation of the different cities visited by Allon, his fellow agents and the unsavory associates of Kharkov; he paints some very attractive pictures with his words while also making sure the plot moves ahead smoothly.
Ivan Kharkov has a wife, Elena, and two small children. He’s also carrying on an affair with another Russian woman and hasn’t much interest these days in Elena. But watching out for his children is another matter entirely. Elena’s hoodlum bodyguards are looking after Ivan’s family with two missions: making sure Elena behaves herself and that no harm comes to his children.
Allon’s mission is to gain detailed information on Kharkov’s subversive dealings and he starts by conjuring up a meeting with Elena. She’s both an art collector and expert so Allon makes sure that a painting which he has worked on comes to Elena’s attention. They meet and are soon linked together in an attempt for Elena to retrieve sensitive information from her Moscow apartment. What could possibly go wrong? In a word, plenty.
The plot builds steadily and you’ll have a hard time putting it down until you reach the exciting ending. All things considered, I think it’s one of the best Silva novels that I’ve read.
A comment about Silva’s writing: One of the rules for writers is not to draw attention to the writing itself but, in this particular book, I couldn’t help but notice. The scene is Geneva, Switzerland, and Silva remarks that travelers who approach Geneva by train from Zurich are frequently so overcome by its beauty that they hurl their return tickets out the window and vow never to leave again. He then gives us Allon’s thoughts on Geneva: he found it to be a charming but intensely boring city. Once a place of Calvinistic fervor but finance was now the city’s only religion, and bankers and moneymen were its new priests and archbishops. Nevertheless, Silva paints quite a nice word picture.
Daniel Silva has become my favorite author. His writing is elegant, explicit, adult. The story lines for all of his novels (thus far) have been not only historic but never boring. Never too much detail, just enough to put you into the mindset of the people involved. Yes, there is violence, but ... for some reason ... you accept it as necessary to tell the tale. Hardly any sex, just enough to use your imagination. This author is telling the story of his people, as far as I am concerned, and he is telling it in a style that grabs you ... no matter your own thoughts and feelings on what is happening in this world today. I find the stories alive and refreshing. Thank you, Mr. Silva, thank you. Ann
Here we go again, Daniel Silvia through his Gabriel Allon character takes us on a fast paced journey through the world of 21st Century terrorism. In this the ninth, (9th), in the Gabriel Allon series we find out how and where the worst terrorists acquire their weapons. Also usual, this story is stuffed with detail and exciting location with a lot of history. I recommend this page turner. It would help if you have read any of the preceding eight books in this series. However, it's not essential.
This is one of my favorite books in the Gabriel Allon series by Daniel Silvia. Be sure to read this before The Defector since that's a continuation of this story.
Love these Gabriel Allon novels. But I rolled the proverbial eyes a bit when lo and behold yet another art work was central to the Mossad spying operation in this one.

I mean it was a great concept the first time, and the second time. But jeebus.

This is a serious spoiler: the deus ex machina at the end in this one, the FSB colonel, was a total facepalm for me. I mean, come on.

But I am being very harsh: always great entertainment + an education on underlying real world issues - in this one the any-buyer-fine business dealing of Russian arms merchants.

I’ll probably buy book 9 as soon as I finish this review.
I've read several of Daniel Silva's novels and while I have thoroughly enjoyed all of them, this one is my favorite. It grabbed my from the first page and literally kept me on the edge of my seat until I finished the sequel which is titled The Defector. I highly recommend this, and all of Daniel Silva's books, to everyone.

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Moscow Rules [Large Print]: 16 Point
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Author: Daniel Silva
Title: Moscow Rules [Large Print]: 16 Point