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The Heart of Justice by William J. Coughlin

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Hope Scott...She's a beautiful New York heiress who will do anything for love, including pulling strings with a ruthless power broker to advance her husband's judicial career. But she doesn't know the hidden price; a blackmail, the rape of her trust fund, and perhaps the ruin of her marriage.Judge Paul Murray...He fought his way up from his working-class Irish roots to the Federal bench. Tough and honest, dedicated to the law, he relishes sitting on the case before to rival some of America's biggest corporate takeovers.The heart of justice..The outcome is worth billions, the tactics cutthroat, and suddenly, with the threatened exposure of a ruinous secret, everything Paul cares about is on the line--his marriage, his career, his reputation. Now faced with choices he never thought he'd have to make, he must confront what truly lies at the heart of justice...With lighting dialogue and authentic courtroom action, William J. Coughlin, former prosecutor and bestselling author of In the Presence of Enemies and Shadow of a Doubt, spins another superb legal thriller filled with emotions on the fire, intellects at war, and an outcome exploding with excitement and surprise.

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I gave this two stars because I was able to finish it. Barely, of course, and slowly, but finished none the less. The area of corporate law and takeovers is, to me, about as exciting as watching paint dry and grass grow. Actually, watching paint dry might be more exciting. And this book didn't disappoint. It was a snoozer from the beginning, only graduating to passable in the end, around 70%. I don't recommend this book. And, although I've enjoyed the Charley Sloan series by this author, so far the others don't impress.
Coughlin is usually ahead of his era on women and other issues, but not so much in this one. I'm also not so sure that the denouement passes the smell test. Nevertheless, a great plot.
Exactly as described
I was looking for a new author. This book has been a pleasure. Legal drama, high finance and romance. What a pleasure reading this. I really needed my reading time and this was worth it.
Very easy reading just as you would have a conversation. No over the top on unnecessary wording. Moves right along. I recommend this book.
Different from all his other books I've read but still a good read.
Good read. Interesting without murder! I have enjoyed this author and these characters. Hated to see the story end
Highly recommend
Author Coughlin is right at the top of his game! His entire book series just kept getting better and more imaginative. A fine writer, indeed. I can hardly want for the next one out!

ISBN: 0312955510

Rating: 4.6/5

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ISBN13: 978-0312955519

Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks (December 15, 1995)

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Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense

The Heart of Justice
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Author: William J. Coughlin
Title: The Heart of Justice