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In hot legal water -- and court-ordered therapy -- Tess Monaghan is ready for a distraction. So she agrees to look into a series of unsolved homicides that date back over the past six years despite the fact that the assignment originates in part from a most troubling source: Wealthy Baltimore benefactor Luisa O'Neal, who was both instrumental in launching Tess's present career and intimately connected with the murder of Tess's former boyfriend.

Though Luisa's non-profit organization hires Tess simply to review old police documents for inconsistencies and investigative blunders, curiosity is soon leading her on the paper trail. And it may get her killed when she finds herself cast into a terrifying cat-and-mouse game with an ingenious slayer who changes identities as often as clothing. A single common link to five senseless murders begins to emerge with shocking clarity to tie the loose ends together into one bloody knot . . . and the link is Tess Monaghan herself.

Reviews (7)
Lippman might have called this Out-of-Baltimore Blues, as much of the action is in small Maryland towns - or maybe Charmless Cities. As in the last book, Lippman barely mentions the extended family that figured so prominently in the first books. Kitty appears and Jackie Weir is mentioned in passing. Crow, Whitney and Tyner are present, but are not very fleshed out, and don't figure too much after the initial adventure. The only real supporting character is Carl Dewitt, a retired cop in some ways as backwards as all those little towns, but who proves invaluable in the investigation.

Although I enjoyed the usual Lippman fascination with foodstuffs, in many ways this plot-based thriller could have been set anywhere - on the water. Not that it wasn't exciting - it just seems that all the warm, fuzzy aspects of Tess Monaghan's Baltimore life have taken a back seat to the traditional elements of mystery writing. Perhaps this was an intentional strategy to attract a national audience, or perhaps this was written around the time when she moved away from Baltimore.

Given the unexpected change to Tesser's hairstyle, I expect more changes in the future.
This was a very good one! While I always love the character of Tess and the setting of Baltimore, I wasn't as excited about #5 and 6 as far as plot, this one has a more interesting plot! The tracking of the serial killer with the help of the toll booth worker/former policeman is well done. The interaction between Tess and Carl added a new dimension to her character. I hope that future ones do bring Whitney and Crow back in more because they still seem kind of unnecessary lately, but this was one of the best Tess ones in awhile!
Reading all of Ms. Lippmans novels. Love her Tess Monaghan character.
"The Last Place" trumps over all of Lippman's previous works. The storyline is phenomenal and riveting. I love how this book's storyline is tied back to a previous book in Lippman's series. Again, Tess evolves and grows with each passing book and I'm completely fascinated with her character development.

In this particular work, Tess fights an unknown serial killer. Lippman crafts a phenomenal storyline, filled with twists and turns. Each chapter left me hanging on for more. It was so hard for me to put this book down and when it was over I was completely sad. I wanted the book to be longer, to keep going! This book sweeps you up in the terror and horror of one serial killer's path of destruction and his battle against one of the strongest and smartest woman heroine of all time. Lippman keeps the reader enraptured and on the edge of their seat throughout the whole novel. This is definitely the best novel Lippmann has ever written in the Tess Monaghan series.

The Last Saint
Great book, I love this series!
Everything Laura Lippman writes resonates -the way she describes family interactions.The way she describes city milieus.
And the way you notice her love of place. Donna Leon a long time ago!
I was so afraid we might just lose our Tess. I couldn't put this or down. With this series you become invested in the characters and they become old friends.
I have read all of Laura Lippman's stand alone books but hadn't read the Monaghan series so I started with the first one and I'm now on the last one. I'll be sad when I finish the last one. I'm gonna miss Tess.

ISBN: 1587244179

Rating: 4.3/5

Votes: 144

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ISBN13: 978-1587244179

Publisher: Wheeler Publishing; 1 edition (May 2, 2003)

Language: English

Subcategory: Mystery

Pages: 549

The Last Place
Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Author: Laura Lippman
Title: The Last Place