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Everyday Mathematics: Math Masters, Grade 3 by University of Chicago

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Blackline masters for routines, activities, projects, and games.

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Actually I just bought this in case my kids missed a lot of school and had to catch up. This is the one they use at school and it seems fine. It is very repetitive and uses concepts that must be new since I was at school, about 40 years ago, but I am guessing that they could have done more with it visually. It's only got three colors (black, white, and blue).

Another thing they could include is more real-life objects for counting and subtracting - for example, the Khan Academy uses avocados in their teaching addition video.

I recommend having a set of dominoes ready too. Extensive use of these. And a lot of tally marks, which I wonder about.

It's perfectly adequate but perhaps a little dull for kids who don't need much repetition.
Great math book for third graders.
Mysterious Wrench
It is very important to have a reference book at home since the schools can't afford to give each child one to go home with. This book has helped my son with his homework when he couldn't remember how to do a problem.
I chose this rating because I am very pleased with this purchase. The book has a lot of information. My niece is getting great practice for the upcoming state test. The book was in great condition. I would recommend this book to anyone with a fifth grader who needs help with math.
I have already used Everyday Math resources for over ten years as a parent and as an aide in Special Education. Not everyone likes Everyday Math, but I am a fan. When I found out that I needed this as a "textbook" for my Math Curriculum class, I was amused. This was very expensive elsewhere in college textbook land, but just a few dollars here at Amazon. What a great deal!
Nice book I helped prepared my son for the fifth grade. He was able to see a preview of the math work and ask questions or help for what he didn't understand
Bought this so my child could review general concepts over the summer to prepare for the upcoming year. Didn't use it as much as we hoped - our issue, no fault of the book. Since our school used this, we kept this copy at home and used it throughout his 5th grade year. Did come in very handy, especially when we needed to verify how to do certain problems/equations. We still find ourselves using it, even though our son is in 6th grade.
I purchased several textbooks and workbooks this past year to assist my sons with their homework. Quite often their assignments would reference pages in their textbook, however the school wouldn't permit students to remove textbooks from school.
I found it very helpful to have a set of textbooks at home. Easier than even Google!
Purchased new & sealed. The cover photo was misleading as there is no CD with this textbook.
Well worth the money to have this at home for help with new math for Mom!

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Publisher: SRA/McGraw-Hill; 3rd edition edition (2006)

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Everyday Mathematics: Math Masters, Grade 3
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Author: University of Chicago
Title: Everyday Mathematics: Math Masters, Grade 3