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Book in great condition..all pages intact without not marks
good product
I am an EMT-B instructor in West Virginia and have used this edition to teach my classes. I have found it to be a great improvement over previous editions. The text is easy to read, comprehensive and all-in-all an excellent text on EMT-B. My only gripe with the book is that it makes prehospital patient assessment somewhat confusing for new students. The book breaks patient assessment up into several chapters, giving the reader the impression that assessment is both difficult and complicated. This lack of single-chapter continuity coupled with the trepidation many new students bring to this module creates the impression that patient assessment is a disjointed, randomized activity. I have to tell my students that for patient assessment, these chapters are a good reference, but that I will tell them just how easy assessment is; TAKE NOTES!
If Brady would spend a little more time examining this module, I feel as though they can make it a little less imposing and a little more readable.
I am an EMT Instructor in Kentucky and have always used Brady. We are permitted to use other books (AAOS, Mosby) bur my feelings is "don't fix it if it isin't broken" I am on my 4 editions of Brady. This 8th edition is an excellenct source of information. Very valuable teaching tool. The scans are to the point and easy to understand. The illistrations are clear & descriptive. I suggest additional pictures/descriptions/mechanism of injuries in the atlas of injuries. Students enjoy this section very much. (morbid people) and I think a section of practice scenarios would be a great addition also. Thank you Brady...again
I am a student interested in becoming an EMT. I know the people at the local fire station so I asked them for a resource book and they gave me a 6th edition of this manual and it is proving to be an excellent resource. It has many pictures and at the beginning of each chapter, it gives a real life scenario for you to focus on for the chapter and explains objectives you should know by the end of the chapter. I've found it very informative and hope that the 8th edition follows in its footsteps. Well done Brady!
Excellent book, and extremely informative; I just completed the EMT-Basic course and the National Registry exam. The book was a wonderful source of knowledge, and reference. What I would like to see is perhaps a cheaper, paperback version of the book come out; we completed the course and had to return the book, and I just think that if it was more accessible, more students would have purchased it, instead of signing it out.
As a future EMT-B student I wanted to buy some books prior to my course beginning. I bought Mosby's, Aehlert's, and Brady's books. I finally got to this one (being the last I was to read), and have to say this is the best Ive seen so far. With clear concise text, and abundance of knowledge, real life situations, and amazing pictures (which Aehlert's has almost none of), I must say that this book is not only the most informative, but is also the most user friendly. It has a great index, glossary, and the anatomy pictures are cut outs of REAL humans. I mean it just doesn't get any better than this. I just found out a few days ago this is the book my instructor is going to use, and for a good reason!
I bought this manual as recomended by my local FD as the book to buy. I found it extremely informative and it showed very detailed pictures!! It serves as a great information resource, especially for the beginning EMT. A must have for any EMT!

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Emergency Care
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