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Angel [With Earbuds] (Maximum Ride) by James Patterson

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That was awesome I loved it. I would rate it five stars buy I hate Dylan so much I mean share he's nice but I think he is annoying I mean gosh give a girl a brake I really hate Dylan sorry but I do I hate him so much that I need to take away a star I just can't get over it I mean I rated the last book 5 stars cuz he wasn't in it much so I let it go but I can't this time again sorry but I just can't.
Stylish Monkey
This one was extremely sad to me because it was so emotionally gut wrenching. I bothh loved and hated the ending because I love thcaracters, but I hate what's happening to them. This was quite a "ride", no pun intended, and I couldn't be more pleased with it if I tried. These characters weren't just forced to grow up, they were literally thrown into it like being forced to learn to swim by being thrown into the deep end of a pool. The only difference this time is that it would be like someone holding a gun on you while you try not to drown when concrete blocks are tied to your limbs. I really can't wait for the next, final, one and I think I'm going to be sad that the series is over. I think anyone who liked the previous books will like this one, but I would warn any reader to be prepared for alot of heartache and action and angst. I won't bother with a plot summary as I know other reviewers are fond of doing that. I highly recommend this book because it's alot of fun, when it's not making you want to cry or scream or throw things, that is, so I say give it a shot. I don't think you'll regret it. There's only one more to go and I can't wait!
Finally we get back to the ways of the first books of the series. Nothing about saving the planet or recycling etc etc etc like in the last few. This all goes back to the this is my flock and our adventures type of books. Though it does leave one HUGE cliff hanger (to be finished up in the next book which will be the final book), this one was rather interesting though I wish it had more. It just seemed like the story just stopped and you're left wondering what the heck!! But still, at least James has made progress towards bringing back the flock I loved!
Ugh! JP, I'm so mad at you! What a huge let down! I have read all the Maximum Ride books and reread them all 10,000 times and this was just plain old depressing. He really better work some magic in the next book to make up for this fail!

First of all, since when is Max a hopeless, sappy, romantic that obsesses about boys? "Ohhhh, Fang! I miss you sooo much that I think I'll go make out with the kid you've always hated". I mean, WTH? The freakin' book starts out with her SAYING she's pretty much a hopeless romantic!

Next, what was up with the whole Fang/Maya thing? Am I just weird, or is that just a bizzare way to deal with breaking up with your GF? "Oh, I hate you soo much that I think I'll go and date the one thing in the wold that's almost the exact same as you." Again, WTH!?!!

Another problem I had with this book is that it was just downright confusing. This is a good guy, this is a bad guy, no, I changed my mind, this guys good, wait bad, yeah, he's bad, wait... On and on and on! I couldn't keep track of it... and I read it three times!

Last major problem with this book? Give me a D, give me a Y, give me a LAN! What does that spell? Why DYLAN, of course! What the HECK was up with him!?!! I honestly don't know what to say except that, after reading this book, HE NEEDS TO DIE!!!! I've never liked him from the beginning but really, he needs to go. Badly. Like really, really badly.

I'm sorry if this is a little harsh but hate writing it as much as you hate reading it. I REALLY wanted this book to be great. Like really, really badly (just as badly, in fact, as Dylan has got to go, which, believe me, is really really badly!). I read and reread this book, trying to find what missed that was the reason it was soo bad but came up with nada. The problem is, is that even though may have hated this book, I feel like I have to buy the next one just to be fair to the rest of the series. Also because it left you on such a big cliff hanger that you have to but mostly in honor of the other books, that were so great. Who knows, maybe the last book will give the series the closure it so desperately needs.
This "Was" such a great series but now JP has got way too much going on. The Doomsday Group, the Max Fang Dylan love triangle, the whole save the world thing, Jeb and Max's mom disappearing, Ella leaving and saying she was meant to have wings, Dr. Gunther Hagens or whatever his name is, it looks like Angel is back in a lab, the Paris explosion, Fang's Gang, the Voice in Max's head. Please tell me what all this is leading up to and how can it all be resolved in ONE more book? Oh and BTW Maya aka Max II is annoying the ever loving heck out of me! I swear to God if Fang ends up with her I will go to the bookstore and buy the whole series just so I can take it home and burn it in my fireplace!!!! Whereas if he ends up with Max I will personally send JP and thank you note for not making Fang and Maya a couple. Read it if you have already gotten into the series but other wise I say read the first 3 books skip the 4th cause it's awful and a snooze fest read book 5 and leave it at that. Then you can make up your own better ending for the series :D
Ok this book kept many of us hanging on a cliff, one thing's for sure, the Doomsday Group is taking the little kid from Angel and making her into a screaming kid, who has a smile all the time, don't get me wrong I would want to smile, but when you have thousands of puppets on strings and the puppetmaster up on stage and the puppets are screaming "Kill the humans!!!" Just put on a puppet show of that happening yourself, literally take the leader, and the kids and a scary man wearing a gas mask standing in front of a factory, and that would make the Doomsday Group look like Sesame Street.
Ordered the series for my preteen son. He was very interested in the series and they added towards his accelerated reading goal in school. As usual James Patterson does not disappoint. He loved the books and read them in record time.

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Angel [With Earbuds] (Maximum Ride)
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Author: James Patterson
Title: Angel [With Earbuds] (Maximum Ride)