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THERE'S A BAT IN BUNK 5 (Laurel-leaf books) by Paula Danziger

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Marcy is thrilled when her former teacher, Ms. Finney, asks her to be a junior counselor at a creative-arts camp. This is Marcy's big chance to have a summer away from her family, at a new place where only Mrs. Finney knows that she was once a fat nobody. Marcy's sure it will be a perfect summer. But camp life is anything but perfect as Marcy copes with noisy, gigling girls, including Bunk Five's problem camper, the bat of the title, and the thrills of her first romance.

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FABULOUS!! thank you!!!
Good nook
the monster
If you're looking for a quick book with adventure and romance this is the one for you. I enjoyed this book because it gives good examples of how to deal with problems of the everyday teenager. One of those is how to deal with pressure from guys and what to do about it, or how to be a friend to someone who is really hard to get along with or is stubborn.
This book is about a girl around the age of 15 named Marcy. The story takes place at the Camp Serendipity, where Marcy learns a lot about the ups and downs of being a camp counselor as a CIT, or Counselor in Training. She learns how to deal with kids who are stubborn, picky, or bullies. And also learns to deal with Ginger whose parents were divorced and Ginger is going through a tough time. Ginger becomes a camp bully who needs something special that is hard to find at a camp. Love. Marcy tries to be her friend anyway, but it won't be easy. Marcy makes a lot of friends and falls in love with a great guy who really likes her. She learns a lot about guys and some really strange jokes too. I definitely recommend this book if you're looking for a short, but very fun, book.
I really liked this book. It was a humoros one. One reason I liked it is because I like books that tell stories about teens. It tells about how a teen feels, acts, and the life of one. This book is like a Judy Blume book. You can really get into it.
Another resaon is because it is funny, I like the dialouge, and how the plot develops. It sets things perfect. This book is the life of a party. The characters are real. Marcy, Ted, Bunk Five Girls, it feels like I know them. Some of my friends act just like them too.
A third reson I like it because it's a quick read. Not too many pages, but long enough. It got me interested enough in the author's style of writing , that I'd like to read other books written by her. I would be intresting to make contact with Paula Danzinger to ask her some questions about where she gets her ideas for her books.
Since I have turned thirteen, things seem different to me now. I have a lot of feelings and questions that I never had before. Reading books about teens that are going through the same things I am is good stress relief. It's not just me!
ᵀᴴᴱ ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ
By Nicki

This book is called There's a Bat in Bunk Five and the author is Paula Danziger. Marcy, a fourteen year old girl has a chance to go to a summer camp and be a junior counselor with her former teacher, Ms. Finney. She has never been away from her parents for a whole summer. The main conflict is that Marcy, just like most kids, is just trying to grow up as fast as she can. Marcy has a lot of fears, like meeting new people who are not in her comfortable space. When she meets Jimmy it makes her feel more secure. Then she meets Ted and she realizes that he is the one she really likes. They go to Woodstock for a day together. The girls in the bunk are always complaining, but Marcy always tries to make it better and stands up for Barbara (Ms. Finney). Marcy doesn't always think of Ted's feelings and when she sees him with someone else she is really upset. But they get back together. One of the meanest campers, Ginger, back for her second summer, is hated by everyone. She runs away. Marcy wants to understand her. They find Ginger at Woodstock and hear about how mean her parents are.

I liked how Marcy changed from a mousy, insecure girl to a more mature teenager who learned about her feelings. I wanted to keep reading to see if she would change because she seems like she has the potential if she tries hard enough. I didn't feel like I was in the book but I did want to keep reading.

I thought Marcy was very realistic because in a teenage life this is most likely to happen.

I loved the ending because now we know why Ginger was so mean and can accept her.

The author tells the story in first person, so we get to know everything from Marcy's point of view. The vocabulary didn't seem very challenging, and it wasn't very descriptive about the kids or the setting. It was mostly about feelings and how kids have mood swings when they are teenagers.

I rate this book a 9 out of 10 for this reason. Lots of kids like me have trouble with friendships and want to have good friends more than anything. It helps to read a book like this to see what everyone else goes through. I would recommend this book to everyone because it's an easy book to show how you are just like everyone else.

Finally I think if you read this book you'll find yourself in it. It's not deep but it touches all the things kids go through.
This book was pretty slow and trite. Following a young teenager who is a little unsure of herself as most teens are, the reader is brought along with her as a CIT in summer camp. She has lost a lot of weight and is still awkward around boys. Very surprised to have a boy coming on to her she jumps at the chance to be with him.
There's a small use of profanity in this book as well as discussions about sex. I didn't find this book appropriate for the grade levels that it was written for and would most appeal to (middle school). This book's subject matter is really appropriate for high schoolers who probably would not be interested. The only reason I gave it a second star was because if it will get a child to read who wouldn't have otherwise, then it has some value.
Why 2 stars?:
Don't waste your time on this one. The story is dull, characters flat, use of profanity and not grade-level appropriate. There are much better books out there on similar topics. I would suggest "Buddies" by Barbara Park.
Paula Danziger lays out some simple truths about life and relationships in a camp setting. It's not the first time it's been done, but it's done with a simplicity and sweetness that made the book enjoyable for me long past the age of 14.

This book is nearly thirty years old, but I'd still recommend it to any preteen starting to make their own way through the world to let them know things are going to work out ok in the end.

ISBN: 0440986311

Rating: 4.8/5

Votes: 373

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ISBN13: 978-0440986317

Publisher: Laurel Leaf (December 15, 1981)

Language: English

THERE'S A BAT IN BUNK 5 (Laurel-leaf books)
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Author: Paula Danziger
Title: THERE'S A BAT IN BUNK 5 (Laurel-leaf books)