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Julie of the Wolves by Christina Moore,Jean Craighead George

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"Miyax had been lost without food for many sleeps on the North Slope of Alaska. The barren slope stretches for three hundred miles from the Brooks Range to the Arctic Ocean, and for more than eight hundred miles from the Chukchi to the Beaufort Sea. Winds scream across it, and the view in every direction is exactly the same. Somewhere in this cosmos was Miyaz; and the very life in her body, its spark and warmth, depended upon these wolves for survival. And she was no so sure they would help."---from Julie fo the Wolves "When Miyax walks out onto the frozen Alaskan tundra, she hopes she is leaving problems at home far behind. Raised in the ancient Eskimo ways, Miyax knows how to take care of herself. But as bitter Arctic winds efface the surface of food, she begins to fear for her life, and turns to a pack of wild wolves for help. Amaroq, the leader of the pack, eventually accepts Miyax as one of his own defenseless cubs, protecting her from danger and saving portions of the daily kill for her. But as Miyax makes her way nearer to civilization, her life with the wolves, as well as all that she has come to learn about herself, are challenged as never before." (from back cover of case)

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An excellent book full of natural and cultural history. Some events,though necessary to the story, will be disturbing to younger readers. It is a spellbinding account of life in Alaska by a very knowledgeable author. I would recommend discussing the issues of rape and hunting and family conflict as the story develops.
This is the story of Miyax, a thirteen-year-old Eskimo girl who must decide whether to choose her own destiny or let others decide it for her: all within very constricted circumstances. Miyax's mother died years ago, and she lives with her father. But when she is forced to go away to school in another village and live with her aunt, she hears that her father has died. She then does what he told her to do: marry an Eskimo boy named Daniel. This marriage had been arranged by the parents. Miyax marries, but Daniel forces sex on Miyax, and she flees.

The main part of the story tells how Miyax learns to live in the wild, with a pack of wolves, by studying their ways and being accepted by them. If it weren't for the wolves, she would starve to death. Then Miyax learns that her father did not die, he married a white woman and has adopted non-Eskimo ways. Her father wants Miyax to come live with him, but he hunts wolves from a small aircraft, firing down on and killing them. Miyax cannot tolerate this and runs away again, determined to live on her own, in the wild. In the end, she realizes with great sadness that the days of Eskimos living off the land are gone forever, and she returns to her father.

The wilderness scenes with the wolves are wonderful, and Miyax is an empathetic hero. There's a lot going on in this book, plot-wise, and I'm not sure the resolution works, even though it is realistic. But this is a powerful story of a thirteen-year-old girl living on the edge of two different worlds, having to decide which one she will live in.
I read Julie of the Wolves as a child and ordered it to read it with my nephew who is in fourth grade during the Christmas Vacation. He loved the adventure of trying to survive on your own in the frozen Alaskan tundra and joining the pack of wolves. It is a good book for both boys and girls from 4th to 6th grade or as a quick read for older.
This was my favorite book when I was in third grade (1989). I haven't read it since, but I was having some wine and mentioned it so my son bought it for my birthday.

It's a little different than I remember, but it's still fabulous.

I never knew there were sequels (my son bought them for me, too) and I cannot wait to read them!
This is a classic nature saga, one that will make you cry with love for the girl and the wolves that become her friends and saviors. It's so wonderful in so many ways--the relationship between humans and our fellow creatures that we share our world with is depicted with depth and sensitivity, and the book will leave a lasting impression. There is much interesting information about the ways of wolves, too, which de-fuses the fearful stereotypes often seen in literature. Good for both adults and young people.
Beautiful and sad, this book is not just for the young. Adults can glean much about wolf packs and the need to see them in a different light. There is much to learn about ecosystems and what man is doing to them. Going to buy the next book in the series now.
Very good. Haven't finished it yet, but read a bit every night. Can't believe it's for young readers. Nice style.
I read this story as a kid, and just re-read it as an adult. Amazing both times. Sad in a lot of ways, scary in others, and amazing how some different cultures can live in places deemed unlivable by others!

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Julie of the Wolves
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Author: Christina Moore,Jean Craighead George
Title: Julie of the Wolves