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Lost Python
This novel was a favorite of my girlish years back in the 1970s. I have no idea how a girl of this century will respond to this book. There is one unfortunate dated and now offensive characterization of a young girl with intellectual disabilities. However, the underlying interactions and lesson taught by that episode rings true for the times.
This book pairs with Cress Delahanty by Jessamyn West, as the two best coming of age novels about sensitive, intelligent literary girls in the last half of the 1900s. As an awkward, unlovely high schooler in 1970 to 74, I longed to have friends like Julie and Cress and a life that was so rich with emotional growth. I think a few girls today might feel the same way and take comfort and hope from these books.
My 10 year old daughter and I read this book together and we both enjoyed it very much. It made bedtime very easy because we both looked forward to finding out about what happened in the character's lives. Even though the book was written and had a bit of an old fashioned sensability, my daughter was still engaged and she was exposed to a lot of new vocabulary. The book made us laugh and cry and it sparked a lot of conversations. Very enjoyable and memorable.
Great, touching story. I love all of Irene Hunt's books.
Nothing beats a well drawn out plot and likable life like characters. although the book was published far before my time it earned the one award that makes me go after books like no other. But it wasn't just the award for once it was the depth of the author speaking to us about growing up and living life. simply stated a good read, worth re-reading and adding to your collection.
I read this long ago when I was a child. I decided to pick it back up just to relive the story. It wasn't as much as I remembered it to be of course. Nevertheless, I can understand why I enjoyed it long ago. I must say, though, that the ending felt a bit rushed. All of a sudden the character jumped in maturity. Felt a bit forced, that's all.
I read this as a child, and now twice as an adult. I admire the author's ability to pack so much into such a short book. This is a sweet story that will give children a feel for an earlier time.
I did this book for my 5th Grade book report. It is definitely a great book. Our category or theme was New Berry Award. It has a lot of detail in the plot and I would agree that the this also has big words and is probably an adult book more than a kids book. Irene Hunt has a talent for writing books.
Read this book for the first time when I was 12. I loved it, and it helped to form a love for quality literature in my heart. Thank you--your story has had a profound influence on me.

ISBN: 044185463X

Rating: 4.7/5

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ISBN13: 978-0441854639

Publisher: Berkley/Pacer; English Language edition (1966)

Language: English

Up a Road Slowly
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Author: Irene Hunt
Title: Up a Road Slowly