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The Lost Witness (Lena Gamble Novels) by Robert Ellis

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I've read all of Ellis's stuff and I like him. A good smart sharp author when he doesn't get too cute. He can make the plot so complex and layered that the protagonist takes a back seat to his story lines. He can over cook the stew.
When reading his Hollywood background I almost passed thinking the books would be full of the usual preaching that goes on from the Hollywood crew. Like the irony of they stand against gun violence and people owning firearms while they make millions putting almost nothing but gun violence on the screen. Out of all his books this one has a little whiff of that. He has a couple sentence war rant and of course the obligatory crazed violent veteran cliche. Ellis also manages to combine the BIG PHarm and overpaid executive political rants into the plot line. Good book but that kind of stuff is boring. I particularly am put off by authors who put veterans in the role of crazed killers.
I have a new theme for Ellis's next book. Something he should be very familiar with, overpaid hack entertainment executives. Is there not irony in the populist rantings of the Hollywood elite concerning how much executives make vs the common man, but they never seem to criticize their own industry where in producers, directors, writers and actors make obscene amounts of money producing violent brain dead theater and television viewing. That just never shows up on their radar. No one wants to tip over the rice bowl. For example Stars who make environmentalism their clause owning private islands to which they fly in private planes burning tons of jet fuel...Leonardo. Maybe the next book should be about a hypocritical Hollywood executives who produces viewing garbage and charge the common guy nine bucks to view it. Hey, Mercedes don't come cheap so you average folk had better fork out that hundred dollars to take your spouse and kids to the theater and buy them some popcorn and a drink.
Come on Ellis. You are a bright guy, you can do better.

Yeah, I know, I'm whining but if the next books are about "Big Oil" I'm off the Ellis books.
I have enjoyed both books in this series and I'm half way through number 3 now. My only concern is that each book centers around the bad cops and D.A's that always have it in for Lena. I get it...LAPD is large and there were a few years they had some serious issues with bad cops...but seriously...every book? I also wish Lena had a bit more backbone....she's somewhat weak when verbally confronted by fellow officers that are not her superiors. I know there are times the "soft" approach is the better choice, but so is a strong presence when your equals are attacking you...sometimes it's difficult to respect her. I worked in and with LE for many years...I don't personally know any female officers that would remain silent. Silence is often perceived as "permission".

The stories, however, are engaging and suspenseful. The story moves at a perfect pace...at least for me...it doesn't speed through or lag either. More often than not, I'm able to figure out who the bad guy is and what the ending result will be...not so much with these books. I am hopeful there will be continuing books in this series.
Better than book one. Part of the theme was the same about bucking headquarters. Much different outcome however. A good solid again with the author playing fast and loose with our(readers) minds. Twists, turns, loops, backwards, sideways and a few other directions by the author lead to an extremely good read. The lengths o f books 1&2 are extremely good as I prefer longer books. It is my belief that the author puts more work into the story and I get my money's worth! In both cases I did. However I wish they were less money as my budget has decreased in retirement. Buy this book from Amazon as it is a superb read.
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This is a very good series featuring a female LA detective. The plot is interesting and the writing very good, pretty much the whole package. Others have covered the story line and repetition is not necessarily a virtue. Suffice it to say that if you like well-written mysteries with story lines that are believable and don't require over-wrought "action" you'll probably want to follow Lena Gamble. The fact that this is a series is a plus.
L.A. Is L.A., and crime stories by different writers are bound to cover some of the same territory. Ellis seems to be paying tribute to both Michael Connelly with small references to things like the tunnels in Vietnam, and Karin Slaughter, choosing the somewhat unusual name, Lena, for his main character. But that's where any similarities begin and end. Ellis is Ellis. He develops a complex set of characters and situations, full of twists and turns, one or two a little hard to believe ( the desert scene ), but otherwise a real page-turner and a very satisfying read. I loved the first in the Lena series, and now I'm going for the third.
I really, really like Robert Ellis's writing and this character. I hope the series goes to more than the three I have read. The twists in this one kept me wanting to not put it down but, on the other hand, I hated to keep reading because I knew it was "running out"!!! It is good. Lena is an excellent detective. Sort of came with some unknown enemies but that makes it more interesting.
I just finished books 1 and 2 of the series and as soon as I'm done with this review I'll buy the third. Ellis keeps the action and suspense in overdrive from start to finish with an intelligent plot and interesting characters. He knows how to write women, Lena is believable.
The plots are too convoluted but this book is less predictable than the first. Too many corrupt cops in these books, though.

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The Lost Witness (Lena Gamble Novels)
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Author: Robert Ellis
Title: The Lost Witness (Lena Gamble Novels)