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Collection of 17 knitting designs, inspired by the rural landscape of Stillwater, New Jersey.

Reviews (7)
Her sweaters have such originality, with a little tweaking here and there, will still look good, especially since the dropped-shoulder is back. Watch the ease, don't make them too wide.
Let me start by saying that I love Alice & Jade Starmore designs and the current yarn available through their website. The yarn is lovely to knit with and the designs available on the website are fantastic. I have never had a desire to knit fairisle or aran sweaters until I went to their website!

I bought Stillwater based upon the review of others. I think since this book was published Alice and Jade Starmore have further perfected their work and selected out the best of their previous work and made most of it available on their website.

While I'm pleased to have the book because it gives me perspective on Alice and Jade Starmore's work and how it has matured and advanced over time,I am not sure I would have purchased it today, had I looked at it in the bookstore.

Alice & Jade are in the process of reissuing their Aran Knitting and I have been able to purchase other books that have been republished. Like some others, I'd recommend buying a kit if you are really in love with the sweater and the colorway. Otherwise, I'd say buy the republished books and develop your own colorway.
I stll love the designs from Alice Starmore. Here are 2 or 3 designs I will knit.
Elastic Skunk
Just as described. Quick shipment. Thank you
I am in the process of collecting all of Alice Starmore's books that are of interest to me. This one certainly fits the bill!
While I am very happy to have this book; I've been wanting it for about three years now. I was disappointed to see that it was missing a page, not the patterns, but a page in the beginning and...one of the patterns and chart was written all over. I can still read the chart and pattern but....have to REALLY read so I don't mix things up. I understand the book was a used book but.. didn't know "how used" it was. Of course I won't return it, am happy to have it. This is my first experience in buying a used book so maybe that's the way they are?
I bought this book years ago before it went out of print and became ridiculously expensive. I am writing this review for the knitters out there who don't have it and are thinking of mortgaging their house so they can buy it.

First, it is GORGEOUS. The sweaters and the way they are photgraphed are fabulous. The patterns are inspiring. A few notes: the yarns the sweaters are knit from are hard to find. When you do find them on eBay they are seriously expensive. There is a ray of hope, however: there are substitute yarns out there that are affordable. Shetland Spindrift is a dead ringer for Scottish Campion. I recently did a Starmore vest (from different Starmore book) and ran out of one yarn. (even though I had bought the proper amount--something to note!) The color was Campion Brass and I bought Spindrift Old Gold and could not tell the yarns apart. That being said not ALL the Campion shades are duplicated (Shade Delph, for instance has no Spindrift counterpart)

This leads me to my one complaint--I have run into some minor color errata. I made the Rambling Rose sweater with the original Campion colors and in one instance, two of the colors seemed reversed on the chart--juniper and moss. When placed in the proper order they didn't blend as well as reversed. This called for twice as much Juniper and I almost didn't have enough. The take home message is that knitting the colorways will take some doing.

The other piece I knit from this book is the Little Rivers Wrap. This shawl was just sheer fun from start to finish. A long piece of cable work, no shaping, just go go go. I made this from a Jamieson & Smith heathered tweed and it came out beautifully.

One last note is that this book is ONLY patterns. There is NO TECHNICAL INFORMATION AT ALL. If you are not experienced with steek knitting, fairisle stranding or cable work, you will need a reference guide or a talented knitting buddy to help you through. If you are up to the challenge, I say go for it. Also, Alice Starmore is starting to add kits with a pattern on her website at [...]. She has only added the Flying Geese cardi, gansey and hat from this book so far and they don't come with patterns. She might add more over time, so that is worth looking out for.
This OOP book is so in demand that it sells for hundreds on Ebay. I know this because my original copy was stolen! They also seem to vanish from libraries, making it hard to even see the patterns if you don't own a copy.

The photography of this book is lush, accurately reflecting the beauty of Northwest Jersey. The patterns are challenging and heirloom quality. In 2007, the fit seems a bit dated but you could take these designs and apply them to another sweater easily. As with all things Starmore, it is worth it to learn to substitute yarns. The ones in the book are a long ago memory at this time.

ISBN: 0962558664

Rating: 4.1/5

Votes: 259

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ISBN13: 978-0962558665

Publisher: The Broad Bay Company (1996)

Language: English

Pages: 80

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Author: Alice Starmore
Title: Stillwater