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All natural health treatments, whether they involve dietary changes, vitamin or herbal supplementation, detoxification therapies, or bodywork, focus on removing the disease-causing agents using the body's own power of healing. This process often brings on a unpleasant reaction known as a "healing crisis." Unlike a disease crisis (illness) the healing crisis is a sign of improving health. In this book you will learn how to distinguish between a healing crisis and a disease crisis. You will learn how healing works, what to do and what not to do to facilitate healing, and how to cope with unpleasant symptoms until the crisis is over. If you undergo any type of natural healing program, you must be well informed about the symptoms and processes of the healing crisis. This book will guide you through the natural healing process.

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For those working on being well in today's toxic environment, this is a good reference to help you understand all aspects of healing. There is a phrase, "You will feel worse before you feel better", associated with improving your wellness. This book helps to clarify what happens as your body clears itself for healing.

Great book, easy to understand. Might help you to stick with a wellness plan that you think is not helping you; when it is actually just your body's positive response to dumping out toxic waste in order to heal.

Recommend highly.
Gave a great overview of what to expect as I detox & build up my body. Several trips to doctor in last 7-9 monthes was totally out of the ordinary for me. Doctor helped me see pattern of compromised immune system. I've been led to green smoothies, coconut oil, & sunshine therapy. I'm almost strong enough for more stringent fasting detox. This book gave me the information to be aware of symtoms that needed medicine or just needed to be rested through as my body rids itself of root causes that have lived deep inside for years.
I thank GOD for Bruce Fife & his clear style of writing & for leading me to his works!
If you have ever wondered what the symptoms are you experience when detoxing, this is your book. Since I read a lot about anything 'health,' I sometimes judge a book by whether it tells me something I don't already know. Bruce was informative but admittedly, I didn't learn anything earth-shattering. But it is going to be helpful for those who are don't spend hours like I do reading up on stuff like this. He is very good at explaining without being too technical. Like the other books I've read by him, you enjoy reading whatever he is discussing. Would've given it 5 stars had their been any 'light bulb' moments for me..lol
White gold
This book is an ABSOLUTE MUST READ, if you are even considering going through with any kind of a detoxification program. It will help to prepare you in ways that you really did not know about before reading this material! I have checked out different ways , products and programs regarding detoxification, however until I read this book, I was totally unaware as to exactly what to expect. Dr. Fife explains in great detail just what to expect and when. He has some marvelous true stories for you to read as to what happened to individuals and how they went through their healing crisis.
I really recommend this book highly, and am very grateful that I had the chance to read it and learn! It is one that you will refer back to many times, so keep it on your book shelf for easy access
This is the only book, I could find on this subject..Pleanty of info on the internet..But to have it in one book, is fantastic..Soft cover, not too many pages..But all you need is covered. For those of us, trying alternative medicine - this is a book that belongs on our bookshelves. When times are tough as you go through an alternative treatment, this book gives you encouragement and understanding in the process of your own bodies healing process. A healing crisis - a healing process - both mean the same and are the same. All is explained in this book, in easy to understand information. One that is easy carried in a handbag, to read and encourage those who are sick. Chapters are well set out, so information is easily found. Symptoms are clearly listed and explained well.
Tyler Is Not Here
I had become disillusioned with my recent change of diet even though it had started well and many problems I had were cleared/ or clearing up. Then I started to get some problems and couldn't understand why after years of eating unhealthily and finally changing my ways I seemed to be getting sick, this book, (by coincidence or not) got every point spot on for me, even though it is obviously a bit dated and didn't completely fit the dietary changes I had made the advice and information is timeless. Whatever 'new' healthier lifestyle you've taken on your body will start to heal and you will encounter the effects of that........
After reading Bruce Fife's book, I now have a better understanding of what is going on with my own healing crisis...that the "flu" I experienced for four days was simply my body beginning to heal itself. A must read for anyone seeking to get away from traditional medical solutions that require OTC or Rx medications...and willing to allow the body to heal itself.
If ANYBODY is trying to restore, recover, heal their own body naturally, this is a CRITICAL piece of information to KNOW. It is vital information and explains how true healing takes place, and things to expect that might not FEEL or LOOK like healing right at the time, but the body MUST detoxify in order to restore health. Excellent explanation, and vital information. Service in mailing, etc. great!

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Publisher: Piccadilly Books; 2nd edition (August 2, 2010)

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The Healing Crisis
Author: Bruce Fife
Title: The Healing Crisis