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The Practice of Creative Writing: A Guide for Students by Heather Sellers

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The Practice of Creative Writing is designed for all students in the introductory course, including those who may never take another writing class. Its message is, simply put: you can do this, and it's worthwhile to try. Heather Sellers, who writes in multiple genres herself, has developed an approach that focuses on the habits and strategies that produce good writing in any genre. These habits and strategies make it possible for students to focus, to generate lots of writing, and to get to the good stuff -- the powerful imagery and the stories they really want to tell. She makes creative writing fun by providing opportunities to be playful and to experiment at the same time she teaches students the importance of discipline and craft.

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This is an excellent textbook for anyone who wants to get into creative writing. It is very easy to understand and gives dozens of examples taken from texts written by contemporary writers. It also offers different approaches to a variety of topics and ideas. What I found innovative about the book is that it explains things that writers need to take into consideration, but that we usually don't, such as the energy of the text. So, whether you are taking a class on Creative Writing or simply wish to get a guide this is the book for you!
This book was purchased for an English class a few months ago, and while this book is interesting... it wasn't used as much. I like parts of this book and look forward to reading more about it. I would recommend this book to anyone looking to learn, enhance and understand different ways in writting better English​.
Stylish Monkey
I ordered this book or school. It is in decent condition and it well worth what I paid for it. Unfortunately I am a bit disappointed because the description said that it contained no highlighting marks and there are a few of them. It's okay though, at least I know what is important about some of the chapters!
I purchased this book because it was the required text for a course I was taking, Intro to Creative Writing. It was one of four books we used during the class. It's easy to read and understand, but it IS a textbook. If this is on your required book list, what can you do. If this is personal shopping to improve your writing skills (on your own time), the book can be a little dry. The writing prompts and suggestions for writing are great, and I recommend using them and doing them. Even if your teacher does not require it of you, do them. Those prompts and skill set practices are the real purpose of the book - a writer should write every day.
I tutor a student who loves to write. We were looking for something that would give us a framework for expanding her skills in creative writing and this textbook is perfect! There are lots of suggestions for her to practice in between sessions, with samples of work to illustrate each element covered. It is easy to follow, with a bit of humor thrown in to lighten the mood.
Don't buy this if your required textbook is the newest edition. They're so different!
This book was required for my Creative Writing class but I plan to hang on to this one for my personal library. It can seem mechanical at times "do this, not that" but it has wonderful general tips that every writer needs to know, beginner or professional. The reading selections have so far been well chosen to illustrate the principles taught in each chapter.

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The Practice of Creative Writing: A Guide for Students
Author: Heather Sellers
Title: The Practice of Creative Writing: A Guide for Students