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Keys to a Powerful Vocabulary Level 2 (3rd Edition) by Minnette Lenier

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The text is designed to help students in grades 10-12 develop a basic vocabulary necessary for the mastery of college textbooks and common reading material. It is carefully structured, and explores a variety of techniques for classroom or independent acquisition of vocabulary. Each chapter provides extensive practice with review words, new words and advanced words. Levels I & II are organized to be used individually, sequentially, or simultaneously. KEY TOPICS: interesting stories and sentences using newly- learned words in context; matching words with synonyms, antonyms, definitions, and etymologies; analogies; crossword puzzles; open-ended sentences for students to complete with new vocabulary; acrostics. Appropriate as a main text for vocabulary courses or as a supplementary text for English composition and reading classes.

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This book has helped a friend to improve her vocabulary. You will save a considerable amount of money if you opt to buy a used copy, as I did.
it was okay.
This is good choice for young adult reading for the specific sport it represents. Another title it should fit with is xtreme sports! Good reading choice for young adults!

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Keys to a Powerful Vocabulary Level 2 (3rd Edition)
Author: Minnette Lenier
Title: Keys to a Powerful Vocabulary Level 2 (3rd Edition)