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What on Earth Is Going On? by Patricia Cota-Robles

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This book reveals the incredible Divine Intervention and activities of light that have taken place over the past several decades to bring us the cosmic moment of Earth's rebirth and her ascension into the light. Most of this sacred knowledge has never before been revealed the humanity's conscious minds.nnnn

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This is a very long book, over 440 pages. So it's difficult to do it justice in this small amount of space. The author of this book is Patricia Diane Cota-Robles and not Rachel MacKenzie.
In this book Patricia D. Cota-Robles, beautifully explains Humanity's Fall from grace, and how this Fall brought about our separation from God. How the veil of maya was created and the coming of "Cosmic Evil." The sinking of Lemuria (the original Paradise on Earth), and later on the sinking of the continent of Atlantis.

You'll be moved to hear about all the Divine intervention throughout the ages that Humanity and the Earth have been receiving in order to save us from the brink of extinction. But our God-Parents efforts and those of the Anglic Kingdom were victorious, and we have not only been saved but have ascended into the Fifth Dimension. Learn what we can do individually to continue to transmute the existing negativity into the Light, and to start creating Heaven on Earth, the Universal Law, "as above, so below."

You'll also learn about the activation of Earth's Amethyst Crystal Grid System; Earth's ascension off of the Wheel of Karma; the return of the Solar Christ Presence, and the purging of the anti-Christ. The effects that the Photon Belt will have on Earth, and much, more. Stay informed and don't let anybody scare you. This book brings joy and wonderful news! I HAVE RECEIVED NO COMPENSATION FOR THIS REVIEW!
I love, love, love this book. I read it about three years ago for the first time. Then started again. Then about a year later I read it again. I still refer to it when major incidents occur. It taught me to see through the events and weigh them within the 'big picture'. It explains how events some major, some subtle about what they mean in the scheme of things. The synchronicity of t.v. broadcasts, dates, public figures, opening ceremonies, etc. all play a hand in what is alchemically taking place in our world for the good. After reading this you will be convinced that 'everything WILL be alright'. You will also be able to read many codes yourself. Events can be traced and confirmed. Diane Cota-Robles is a godsend. She hads broken the code and have put it in this great read for us. (I recently gave this same book to a male family member and he doesn't want it to end. I told him that he can always start again, like I did.)

Each and every one of us tries to put the jig-saw puzzles pieces together logically, attempting to connect pieces to uncover the big picture. In a way I feel like this book is the map and legend to the big picture in many ways. This book has utterly changed a lot of my spiritual views and opened my mind and helped expand my heart to encompass a new truth, or evident reality, that makes me feel so small and insignificant yet so marvelous and magnificent. This book really makes you evaluate human kind and really allows you to become Buddha if you will, or 'awakened.' You become aware of your diluted egocentric ways of thinking and acting. This book is like a high quality lens to a camera, it really makes the picture much more detailed, clear and vivid!
Honestly, I feel as though I have uncovered gold. Not material gold that exists in mines, but minds- Gold that heals, enriches and empowers the mind, conscience, body and soul.
Bless this writer and all her endeavors!
This book is well over 400 pages of fascinating interest (to me) including history of why we are experiencing this increase in our collective rate of vibration, including all of earth, its flora and fauna, and even we people living on earth everywhere. Apparently, this is caused by our Solar System crossing the Equator ( the Photon belt) of our Milky Way Galaxy.

The author includes many subjects from information sources, the financial and political mess we're in, and the Divine Plan to help us survive, which even includes help from the beings from other Star Systems in our Universe to help with our future.
This book reinforces my own remembrance and explains everything that has happened to Earth, how things got so bad and what we can look forward to in the future. It is full of a-ha! info and connections that I normally would never had made. There is a lovely world-wide peace prayer that I recorded and listen to on my iPod. I highly recommend this book to everyone looking for some truth!
Love this book. Its one of those books you just can't put down.
Billy Granson
Never have I encoutered a source of information so bright and true. Patricia writes with such clarity and the purity of her words reflect the divine light of the source. It has been hard to put this book down, my body trembles with excitment as I begin to read from its pages. This book exceeded my expectations.
excellent book

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Publisher: Bridge Of Love/Angelic Encounter; (January 1, 1997); 1st edition (January 1, 1997)

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What on Earth Is Going On?
Religion & Spirituality
Author: Patricia Cota-Robles
Title: What on Earth Is Going On?