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Children's Past Lives: How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child by Carol Bowman

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Chase had a terrible fear of loud noises that would send him into uncontrollable fits of tears. His mother, author Carol Bowman, could find no rational explanation for her son's behavior and decided to try an experimental procedure, allowing Chase to experience past life regression. She was shocked to hear her red-haired, freckle-faced son describe, in accurate detail, how he was an African American soldier who fought in the Civil War and died on the battlefields. He spoke of the rifles, of being wounded, of missing his wife and children, of wishing he had not volunteered to fight, of the loud sounds of shots ringing out incessant thunderous outbursts, and of dying. After Chase remembered this past life, his fear of loud noises utterly disappeared. Chase's experience, and its beneficial outcome, led Bowman to begin research on children's past life memories. In this book, she offers the fascinating, startling, and truly incredible true stories of children who remember their past lives, including the experiences of her own son and daughter, and the past life regression she recalled herself. The book also offers advice to readers, illustrating how to detect clues to past life awareness, how to trigger past life memories, and how to use those memories to reap the full benefits of health and self-understanding for the child. Finally this is a book of inspiration that strongly supports a belief in reincarnation. Bowman demonstrates how the past influences the present, how we can learn to understand the realm of the spiritual, enter into that world to discover the immutable nature of the soul and explore the essence of life, death and the spaces in between.

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This was the Rhine Research Center Book Club's September book, and we all reported being engrossed with it. It spawned so much discussion. I found it difficult to put down.

I asked some co-workers what they'd do if their children ever spontaneously brought up past lives, and they all agreed they'd freak out. This book gives parents (and grandparents, etc.) instructions on how to discuss such with children in a way that won't disturb them.

The book points out that past-life regressions can quickly (and drug-lessly) cure many things, from phobias to addictions. The author points out that this kind of treatment is common in Europe.

She also chronicles the many studies that have been done in past-life research, and in the past lives of children in particular. Glad to see I've already read a lot of it, but now she suggests that we study the Kaballah and Tibetan Book of the Dead (non-scientific but still good supplementary reading), so I now have books related to same in my TBR pile.

This is a fascinating subject, done in an extremely readable style by a woman whose own experiences prompted her to become a well-known expert in the area. Also, the text is helpful for parents (and etc.) in preparing them to deal with odd questions their young children might raise.
Loved every page of this book!! Very thorough! Also very uplifting and moving. Words can't do it justice. Amazing, awesome, fabulous, excellent, etc.! I loved how Carol started with her real stories of her own children and hers too, and talked about her research and journey and how and why she wrote the book. Later she advises parents how to deal with children's past life memories. She nails it! Loved every story. Definitely exceeded my expectations, like in Chapter 14 where she talks about religions and supports reincarnation using scripture and talks about how the church removed it in 553 A.D. and everything. Well, I don't want to give too much away, so just get it and read it! This is real people like you and me, with real stories, not just famous people. "Let the little children come to me and forbid them not..." Faith like a child! Listen to the children, they can teach us sooo much! A must-read for the true seeker whether you have children or not! :)
I am still reading this book and enjoying it very much. She gives a lot of detailed accounts from her own personal experiences with her children. She also cites studies by others which prove empirically that this phenomenon occurs. It is certainly worth a read if you find this branch of therapy appealing. It strikes me that therapists and psychologists should not close their minds to at least giving this treatment a try. Mental health problems seem to be almost an epidemic and the usual drugs and treatments don't appear to be coping with it.
Carol Bowman has written a blockbuster book about the healing power inherent when a child remembers a previous memory from another time and that memory is appropriately acknowledged by a loving adult. The consequence of this rememberence ususally leads to an immediate healing in the child of some problem. Carol has discovered a very important healing technique, which, up until this book was published, was probably not considered a valid or even useful healing technique. Many kudos to Carol for bringing this type of healing to the general arena of our current knowledge of the human being.

Carol initially does research on her own children and the consequent healing which occurs in her children, and then she later expands this research to other children and parents with other consequent healings. What I gleaned from all her plethora of data on children who remember being in another place and time before the present is that this must be a fairly common phenomena among children, but in our culture is unfortunately routinely ignored by most parents with the result that the child may remain frustrated with his problems or fears which don't seem to solve themselves.

Although no book on reincarnation can ever be said to be the end-all proof on the reality of reincarnatioin to everyone, this book, which does not try to prove reincarnation, offers proof of healing in children who have these past life-like memories, and that is a wonderful thing for troubled parents.
IMO this book is great for folks who are new to this idea of past lives, which I am not. It is chatty, story-telling in style, anything but straight-laced and research-oriented. It gives the reader a good sense that there are perhaps many others out there who are busy exploring the same subject, namely that their own kids or ones they know are speaking at a very young age about matters that these kids could not otherwise know about. The weakness of the book lies in that its varied material is almost entirely anecdotal. Anecdotes can be great when a good friend or relative is telling the story. But when they fill up a book, which as a means of communication is several degrees removed from someone you know and like/trust, those stories can be a little less than compelling.
In researching past life literature for my novel I came on Carol's Bowman's book and had the privilege of a conversation with Dr. Bowman. I found the book intriguing. Serendipitous happening with her children spontaneously remembering their past lives drove her to research the topic with other parents. Her professional background in psychology added great depth to her exploration. Her book, well written and clear was very accessible on the subject of children's past lives.Joyce Milne D'Auria

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Children's Past Lives: How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child
Religion & Spirituality
Author: Carol Bowman
Title: Children's Past Lives: How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child