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The Ratzinger Reader: Mapping a Theological Journey by Joseph Ratzinger,Lieven Boeve

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A fascinating and insightful volume collecting together the key writings of Joseph Ratzinger, some of them yet untranslated, from his youthful and more progressive writings, to his 'transition period' following his disillusionment with the aftermath of Vatican II, to his time as Prefect of the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith down to 2005. The emphasis will be upon Joseph Ratzinger as 'private theologian', his many writings released in a personal capacity for such will chart the formation of and comment upon the official statements and texts released under his name in a more informative fashion than the simple inclusion of the formulaic 'official texts' themselves.

Following a section providing insight into the fundamental and systematic theological background and development of Joseph Ratzinger's thought, further thematic sections will also be included, for example, Joseph Ratzinger's writings on Ecclesiology, on Theology and the Role of Theologians, on the Eucharist, on Religious Pluralism, on Sacramental Theology, Ecumenism, on Truth, on the Contemporary Historical Era, on Magisterium and on Faith Morals etc.

The volume will open with an introductory essay charting the life and career, the achievements of and the controversies surrounding the new pope. Each reading will be prefaced by a brief introduction to its context and themes and will be followed by recommended further reading on its respective subject matter.

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Poor Ratzinger. His heart was so good, but he was overwhelmed by the job. And what a marvelous writer!!!
I am astounded by his intellect but I am completely undone by his heart for all the world to know Christ. It is rare to find such a person in any circle dealing with the institution of the Catholic Church but he will draw you in no matter what your background. the section on Christian Unity is worth the price of the book.

I challenge anyone who considers themselves a Christian to get to know Josef Ratzinger. his writing and his heart will change your life.

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The Ratzinger Reader: Mapping a Theological Journey
Religion & Spirituality
Author: Joseph Ratzinger,Lieven Boeve
Title: The Ratzinger Reader: Mapping a Theological Journey