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Born Gray in a Black and White World by Wade Oliver

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From the moment I was born in the Psychiatric ward at the University of Minnesota Hospital in 1965, Minnesota would never be the same. With a little naivety on my mothers' part back in the early 70's, a little boy had more leash to explore than a little boy should have had. Combined with a stepfathers influence that was geared more for inmates at Alcatraz, a wild pony was created and set loose into the world until being reigned in at the age of 24.

In the book I chronicle many of the events in my life up to the present. By the time I was eleven years old I had crashed two cars; the second on Hwy 100 in the middle of the day. I had an extraterrestrial visit, been chased by the police on the back of my drunken step dad's motorcycle, and had done and seen numerous other things that were years to early.

The craziness of my life continued throughout my school years, into the military and then as a young adult man after the Air Force. What makes this book special is the transparency of my failures, successes, fears, and hopes from my heart that are common to most people as I became an adolescent and a man; as well as those things that are unique to having one foot in and one foot out of the white European and black African gene pool.

This book is more than a rollercoaster ride and window into my life. It answers the two most important questions that are at the core of every human heart; 'who am I and what is my purpose'? I show how God rescued me from myself and transformed my life without removing my playful and sometimes zany antics.

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I met Wade while on jury duty and discovered that we both worked for USPS and we both played chess. We even played some games in that jury pool waiting room. Wade has had a lot of adventures, and incredible stories told with thoughtful perspective and humor.
For a first book Wade Oliver did a great job. I hope he will be able to hone his skills on another book written for God's glory. Way to go Wade!
I was given this book as a gift in July last year. I didn't pick it up to read until April of this year. Once I started reading it, I had a hard time putting it down. This so seldom happens for me, because I don't even love to read! One would think the author made up most the events in the story to make it an interesting and exciting read. Unfortunately, for his sake, they were real life happenings that you would hope one would never have to experience or even see in their lifetime. A lot of the occurrences take place right in the Mpls., MN. area back in the late 196o's thru the early 80's. If you know anything about this area, you will be that much more intrigued! It will be just like a trip down memory lane! You may even recognize a few of the people's names listed, as you are reading. To my surprise, I did! I had even gone out with one of them a few times! This book is life changing! So, don't make the mistake of waiting so long to read it, like I did. You will never regret the impact it may have on you! I am going to purchase more of them myself and also use them for gifts!

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Born Gray in a Black and White World
Religion & Spirituality
Author: Wade Oliver
Title: Born Gray in a Black and White World