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Reviews (7)
Anything by Marion Chesney (M.C. Beaton) is excellent. They are easy to read. They are interesting. There are always a few quirky details related to the time period and they will be historically accurate details. This series is, I believe, Edwardian, or the time right before the turn of the century, like the 1890's. I have read every romance by MC at least once. The Edwardian series's are not as high quality as the Regency ones.. I would start out with these series: Daughters of Mannerling, The Six Sisters, A House for the Season, The Traveling Matchmaker, The School for Manners, The Poor Relation, The Waverley Women, The Westerby Inheritance, The Bad Husbands. Read these excellent series first, then the individual Regency romances that are not part of a series and then work your way down to the Edwardians later.
This is the first or among the first of Chesney's published novels and borders on amateurish. The main character bounces from mood to mood, from idiotic to sensible with breathtaking rapidity. The plot is ridiculously melodramatic, too crowded, and horribly rushed. But Chesney does better than most Heyer imitators in capturing the milieu (even if she does appear to have done her research entirely within the covers of Heyer's fiction). And she has something that other Heyer imitators usually lack—a sense of humor. I suspect most of her other early work is similarly flawed. But I'll give it a try to see whether she improves.
It felt a lot like the Georgetta Heyer novels that I read in my youth and it was exactly what I wanted. I enjoyed the characters she created and was disappointed when the book came to an end as I enjoyed spending time with them. I will look for more of this author's work.
Yellow Judge
As most of M C Beaton's novels, this one was a lot of fun. It's light reading recommended for just about any age. There is romance, mystery, misunderstandings, and a cast of characters you would want to meet.
I love Marion Chesney and have read all of her books at least once, some of them twice. She is fun and funny.
Light reading you can pick up or put down easily. Especially like the Jack Reacher stories and the plot developments.
I enjoyed this story
Henrietta is such an entertaining story. Ms. Beaton always includes a comical eccentric or two, and Miss Scattersworth is the endearing little nut in Henrietta. The story line is convoluted as usual and such fun. This is one of my favorite Beaton stories.

ISBN: 0312913648

Rating: 4.4/5

Votes: 258

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ISBN13: 978-0312913649

Publisher: St Martins Pr (December 1, 1988)

Language: English

Subcategory: Historical

Author: Marion Chesney
Title: Henrietta