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The Devil and Maximillian Grey by Max Sollitt

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Around 2000 men take their own lives in Australia each year, which is approximately four times the female suicide rate. But only about half as many men as women suffer from clinical depression. It seems obvious that this disparity in suicides is due to the Aussie bloke¿s self-image of toughness and taciturnity, many being reluctant to confide in their girlfriends or wives, let alone their close mates, about any severe depression they experience. And so they suffer often in silence, seeking no help from health professionals until it is too late and they cannot resist the strong urge to self-destruction that is a symptom typical of both clinical and manic depression, bipolar disorder as the latter is now more commonly called. Max Sollitt has experienced all the symptoms of clinical depression and tells in a down-to-earth, sometimes darkly humorous way how he stopped himself from becoming another unit in the grim statistics. But this autobiography is not just a story of depression defeated, it is an account of the life until age 77 of a seafarer and writer, bibliophile and drunkard, who makes philosophical and psychological enquiries into his relationships over the years with his parents, school-teachers, mates and the opposite sex.

ISBN: 1921206020

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ISBN13: 978-1921206023

Publisher: Sid Harta Publishers (January 1, 2009)

Language: English

Subcategory: Fantasy

Pages: 368

The Devil and Maximillian Grey
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Author: Max Sollitt
Title: The Devil and Maximillian Grey