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La Materia Oscura 2: La Daga PULE by PHILIP PULLMAN

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The Subtle Knife offers everything we could have wished for, and more. For a start, there's a young hero from our world who is a match for Lyra Silvertongue and whose destiny is every bit as shattering. When Will crosses path with Lyra, the course of their lives changed forever.

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Well .... definitivament is a very interesting reading! The author expresses a somewhat different position to what the Bible teaches one advantage of the cavities that sometimes the word of God is between chapter and chapter. But I'll be interested because it mentions things that leave one wondering quite. The strange idea is to "kill God". Hope you like fiction because if so, this book will satisfy all your expectations.
In this series, the story really picks up at the beginning of the this book. The first book, the Golden Compass, is very good, but with this book the story really gets exciting. It's so hard to put down. It takes you to places you never would have expected after reading just the first book. If you are unsure about getting this second book because you thought the first book was just ok, you should still get this book. The story really takes off at the beginning of this book. You will be addicted after just a few pages. The first book almost seems like an intro, and then the meat of the story is in books 1 and 2. You will not be disappointed if you keep reading the story!!!!!

And I would not recommend reading this book without reading Book 1 (the golden compass). You would be really lost if you did that.
Al final del primer libro y principio de este, pensé: «esto se va a poner aburrido». Sin embargo me equivoqué. El libro toma, en general, varios giros realmente inesperados e interesantes. La figura clásica del daimon casada con la física moderna es, por lo menos, intrigante... con esto no quiero decir que el libro se clase de ciencias, simplemente que es muy sugerente.
It keeps me busy, need to get the last one of this trilogy, there is no way I can stop now!
Freaky Hook
Tiene capítulos excelentes, si bien al final baja un poco la intensidad y hasta parece injusto, en general es un buen libro. ¡No puedo esperar a empezar el tercero!
Lastima que la historia que empieza tan interesante, de un vuelco tan aburridor al final de este segundo y termine tan insulsamente en el tercero.

No me gusto :(
Pretty bad translation
One she start to read she could not stop reading.
She requested me to download the next book, just when she start reading it.

ISBN: 8466307427

Rating: 4.3/5

Votes: 881

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ISBN13: 978-8466307420

Publisher: PUNTO DE LECTURA (2003)

Language: Spanish

La Materia Oscura 2: La Daga PULE
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Title: La Materia Oscura 2: La Daga PULE