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The Door into Sunset (The Tale of the Five, Vol 3) by Diane Duane

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Only Freelorn, the banished Prince of Arlen, can rescue the dying land of Arlen from the usurper king and the evil that threatens it, by rediscovering a missing ritual, lost at the time of Freelorn's father's murder. Reprint.

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One should never complain about cleverness and depth, there being so little of both in our life, so I feel rather silly and wan in doing so about this book.
Ms Duane has poured tons of both into the third book of her justly celebrated series, creating a charming world, similar and yet very different from our own in its basic structure. In her own Utopia the main good in life is love, a love which makes the earth bear fruits and people live and work in harmony.
This world is ruled by a supreme goddess who is nearly allmighty but not really all-knowing and she is responsible, in a way, for the extant evil too.

The above paragraph is a rather brutal sketch of a rather refined and complex system of thought which can compare with that of the ancient Greek philosophers in depth, scope and attitude.
Problem is, this is no philosophical treaty but a novel, and a fantasy one to that.

Characters are interesting if not always consistent and there are many very well knit passages: the overall impression unfortunately is that of some impressive tableaux vivants clumsily linked in a dull way, the plot being very slow and sometimes even dragging.

This is a book undoubtedly worth reading, last but not least for its social depiction where sexuality and human bonds are as free as one can conceive them, their worth established by the lovers' capabilities and understanding and not by their gender.
good reason for being out of print -- Diane Duane seems to have run out of steam for this third book, I guess when she went back to the characters after 10 yrs, the characters nuances slip away. And while the last battle scene was gripping, the many chapters preceding it lacked subtance. Reminds me of the wheel of time series which suffers from a lack of plot, but atleast since he writes a book a year, Robert Jordan writes about the same characters, who stay in character...
OK, I thought that Freelorn and Herewiss had an incredible and believable romantic relationship through the first two books and most of this one. I could even understand, and believe in Sunspark & Herewiss, and understand Freelorn's desire to complete this triangle with Sunspark but to just throw in a mass wedding and bring Segnbora, and a bunch of others randomly into their real and intimate relationship totally ruins the authors whole beautifully developed alternate "loved" universe. While other reviewers talk about being broad minded while reading it -- I couldn't understand why such a broad mind was needed until the last chapter of this book. The lack of rhyme or reason, leaves you will a feeling that all of the characters are farcical and that there is no depth to their feelings! I guess she wanted to make a point about universal love and parallel polygamy, but the development of the story did not support that.
Great book
This, the conclusion of The Tale of Five (or is it??) brings the fate of the dragons full circle. One is left wondering whatever happened to The Door into Starlight? A tale left unfinished is a sad thing.....
If you haven't read the first two "Door" books, make every effort to find and read them before reading this one. Although each can be read alone, you will have much fuller appreciation if you start at the beginning. It was worth waiting almost ten years for "Sunset". This series is my all time favorite! I hope at some point they will all be in print again. As usual, in Door Into Sunset, Diane weaves an inticate mythological tale, steeped in the knowledge that risking what our heart requires of us can bring pain but also transformation. She is a master storyteller with a delightfully devious mind. One of the things I most appreciate about this series is a worldview that is open to many variations of relationships. There is great joy as well as terror in this book, and I'm glad that joy wins out. After the way this ends, I'm anxious to see what further adventures are in store for Freelorn's band. Could we please have "Door into Starlight" before 2004?

ISBN: 0812514319

Rating: 4.7/5

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Publisher: Tor Books; Reprint edition (August 1, 1994)

Language: English

Subcategory: Fantasy

Pages: 384

The Door into Sunset (The Tale of the Five, Vol 3)
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Author: Diane Duane
Title: The Door into Sunset (The Tale of the Five, Vol 3)