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Honoring the Self (The Psychology of Confidence and Respect)/Audio Cassette by Nathaniel Branden

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This guy was truly a gifted writer, psychologist and philosopher. I hold his work in high esteem and often refer to him as the "father of self-esteem." He was a true Genius. When you pick up this book, you come to realize that more is said in a few pages than you will find in volumes of the voguish work that line the shelf's in the self help section today. In all my readings on psychology and self improvement, this man is in a class by himself.

One of Branden's favorite concepts was "living conscientiously" and this work goes a long way towards helping one attain that level of awareness. Honoring the Self is a book about facing Reality, how one views him or her self in that Reality and how one can find self respect and self love in their quest for "Conscious Awareness" to navigate through a world that bullies, lies to and invalidates the Human spirit of individuality. His attention to detail and ideas are more advanced than any other genre writer in this category. If you want to experience more growth and personal development, you must read "Honoring the Self." Its an eye and ear opener like no other. This book will remain on your shelf and can be read over and over again, and each time your eyes will be further opened. I can't speak highly enough of this book and work....Thumbs up and Thank you Dr. Branden!
I have struggled for most of my life to achieve my independence and potential. It has been a monumental fight that alienated my family and has caused me great suffering. Nathaniel Branden has written a book that acknowledges the importance of that struggle and he offers useful tools to support one's efforts to achieve that independence.

In the book he critiques society's efforts to squash the individual. He describes the psychological steps required to achieve independence, and he offers tools to help one clarify thoughts that undermine that development. He describes what wholesome individuality is, along with it's positive affect on the individual and his/her community. He critiques our culture's mishandling of individual potential and offers a vision for the future. This is a remarkable book. I am both relieved and grateful that he wrote it.
This is the info that a person needs to develop a healthy sense of the self in this world. As I read this book I found myself saying in the back of my head ”yeah, this makes complete sense!" I've often felt that how things are explained in this book are how it should be, but I was never able to put those thoughts into words. Branden does that here. Lots of good info without lots of fluff, filler, or metaphysical mumbo jumbo. This is how it is, explained with clarity and without getting so technical that only other psychologists can understand it. Highly recommended.
This is an amazing book that I think everyone should read. It, in my opinion, disproves the thought that one can have too much self-esteem. It nicely defines self-esteem and applies it to several areas of one's life and psyche (such as self-esteem in relationships, self-esteem at work, self-esteem and self-alienation, etc). It has given me many aha! moments and I know I'll read it again.
If you honestly want to understand yourself, read this book. If you want to blame others for your problems, don't buy this book.☺
I am a big fan of author Melody Beattie so after seeing Nathaniel Branden quoted extensively in one of her books, my interest was piqued and I bought this book. I am glad I did because I gained valuable insights into myself and my family of origin. For example, I had never heard of the concept of "psychological invisibility." Branden explains how a child can be raised by basically loving, non-abusive parents, and yet grow up feeling invisible and enter adulthood with a clouded sense of self because of the way the parents interact with each other and the child. He also explains that many people go through life with a tacit feeling of being "unfit" for this world, and how parents can and do unwittingly impart this impoverished sense of their own place in the world to their children. These concepts and several others helped me to put words to some experiences that I have had difficulty articulating. So, in that sense, this book is just simply good at what it claims to be: a self-help book. For a few dollars, I felt that I received what I might have spent a lot of money on in therapy/counseling.

Another perk of the book is that it gives a good summary of the philosophy of Ayn Rand--something I've always been mildly curious about but never curious enough to explore in depth, so it was nice to be given a better grasp of that in a tidy summary.

That said, there were other aspects of the book that I found too irksome not to mention. Branden argues that a high self-esteem automatically translates into being honest with ourselves about our true desires, and then pursuing those desires. He does not give much consideration to the possibility that a high self-esteem may, depending on the situation, translate into the responsible, freely chosen denial of one's desires in deference to the well-being of another. The choices in life which involve honoring self and honoring others are complex. Wouldn't the person with highest self-esteem grapple with that complexity, make the best possible choice, and then take responsibility for that choice? But Branden presents the human situation in a very flattened way in parts of the book, and I found it annoyingly pedantic.

Lastly, at the end of the book he bares his teeth very aggressively against Christianity, Christ, the Cross. He argues that all of these are diametrically--almost diabolically--opposed to a sense of high self-worth. This portion of the book seemed to come out of nowhere for me and was baffling, since to my mind the hagiographies of Christian saints present a clear picture of what a truly self-actualized human being might look like. But regardless of my own beliefs, I tend to mistrust any presentation of any religion/theology in which someone appears to be grinding their own personal axe, and I certainly saw no need for it in what was an otherwise helpful book.

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Honoring the Self (The Psychology of Confidence and Respect)/Audio Cassette
Author: Nathaniel Branden
Title: Honoring the Self (The Psychology of Confidence and Respect)/Audio Cassette