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His Needs, Her Needs for Parents: Keeping Romance Alive by Willard F. Jr. Harley

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Children add a unique strain on a couple's time and relationship, yet they desperately need parents who love each other. That's why, according to Dr. Willard Harley, one of the most important things parents can do for their kids is keep their marriage healthy. His Needs, Her Needs for Parents will help them do just that. Following the pattern of the best-selling His Needs, Her Needs, this book guides both new and seasoned parents through the whys and hows of sustaining romance in a marriage. It also offers specific, practical steps on spending quality time as a couple, deciding on child-training methods, dividing domestic responsibilities, and even handling kids with ADHD and intrusive in-laws. His Needs, Her Needs for Parents will help couples maintain their love for each other and raise happy and successful children at the same time.

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I thought this version of His Needs, Her Needs would be the original plus some added parents' tips, but it is a completely new book. I probably would have stuck with the original if I had known, since I think it's more in depth with relationship issues. This is really for those couples who can attribute their lack of communication/connection with the presence of a new child. If you didn't get along before the kids though then I'd get the original version.
I bought this for a couple I know along with Love Busters and both, the husband and wife, thought it was one of the best (if not the best) book on relationships for understanding what goes wrong, and why, and, most importantly, how to change directions at the root cause(s). Before buying these books I did a lot of research and Mr. Harley's seemed to stand out among other authors writing about marriage/relationships. The wife whom I bought the book for said it had a solid foundation from the very first chapter and recommends that every couple read this book even before there is discontent in the marriage (she has since bought several copies for other couples). I was so impressed with her review of the book that I did purchase one for myself, but it was loaned out before I had a chance to read the first page and have had a good report from that person, as well.
The thing I did not want to get for anyone is a book that focused on the problem(s), although these do need to be addressed, but I wanted something that was resolution oriented. Most people who are unhappy in their relationships cannot really identify what the core/root problem is and it is my belief that talking about the superficial problems ( he leaves his socks in the floor, she never wants to have sex, he acts like I am stupid, etc, etc, etc) for more than 4-5 minutes only leads to more wild goose chases and discontent without ever identifying what it is that is lacking or needed. As most mature people know, the continuous battles never resolve anything and the more couples talk about the frustration the farther they drift apart. I think this book aids couples in side stepping the traps of communication between couples and addresses the root emotional void(s) that are not so easy to identify and articulate to the other person.
I absolutely do not believe that a negative approach (blaming, resenting, yelling, finger pointing, etc) to problem solving in any relationship, especially when there is no opportunity to understand where the other party is coming from on an emotional level. I don't believe in re-opening old wounds just for the sake of showing the other person the wound without giving the other person some education on wound care and some basic first aid training.
As the old saying goes, "There are no magic pills," for anything that ails us and I certainly don't think this book is a magic pill unless there is a genuine motivation to have a happy, lasting relationship and a desire to learn how to understand and communicate exactly what you need as well as understand and reciprocate what your partner needs. Ask any person who has ever sat in couples therapy talking about the superficial problem(s) for months/years if they yet understand what is missing and why and too often they will not likely be able to articulate an answer that would explain why two people who were once so much in love now live in a land mine of unseen trigger points of contention. THE PROBLEM(S) has/have not, yet, been addressed. If anyone is in therapy or thinking about therapy, I strongly encourage this, but I would also recommend both people reading this book - and loan it out or buy a copy for friends as needed.
Read within two days. Very motivating and provides connections for reader!
I'd recommend it. Good points to ponder
Great, Very educational
Great book given as a gift
Great read
Very informative, real life information applied in a way that is comprehensive to both male and female.

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His Needs, Her Needs for Parents: Keeping Romance Alive
Author: Willard F. Jr. Harley
Title: His Needs, Her Needs for Parents: Keeping Romance Alive