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Don't Take Love Lying Down by Brad Henning

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Guys! Ever felt like this?

Dear Brad, I wish you would have gone further into the issue of why girls are so hard to get along with and why when you think you've finally got them figured out they totally flip and what they want isn't the same as what they used to want when you didn't know what it was they wanted. s// Jeff

Girls aren't much better off...

Dear Brad, You think girls are confusing? It's guys that are confusing. They want sex all the time, but still want to marry a nice girl. They want someone super pretty, but if you are, they're afraid to ask you out. If the girl gives him sex, he breaks up with her 'cause she's easy. Guys want to know what girls want? Come on! What do guys want? s// Steff

Confusing? YEAH!!! "Don't Take Love Lying Down" can change that. If you've ever had a relationship fall apart; if you've been burned and don't understand why; if you wonder what real love is; or maybe this relationship stuff just doesn't make sense to you any more, then this book is for you. Brad looks at issues like:

* Why all guys seem like jerks (but girls still want one). * Why girls are so hard to understand (and like it that way). * Why guys are afraid to ask girls out. * How to find the right person and know when it's true love. * How to evaluate relationships. * Why sex is such a big deal and how to deal with it.

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If you've got a young teenager that's starting to get into the other gender, this is a great book to have them read. It uses humor and real life examples to talk about what's really going on. It's a good reminder for the parents on what these kids are going through. Times have really changed and we need to bring in all the tools we can to help our kids.
Great book great speaker. Great conversation starter with your teen
As a mother of five ( aged 13 though 20) and someone who has worked with teens for the last 18 plus years I have to say this is one book every parent, youth leader, and teen should read. Our copy has been well passed around and currently both my daughter and the boy who has asked to date her are reading it. (his parents request). It is a fun, easy read that puts the subject of teens, love, dating etc into perspective for both sexes.
I recommend this book for all teenagers thinking about getting sexually active. This is a no nonesence book that gets down to the reality of life. It helps the teens develop a healthy, confident and secured self image. It looks at the real consequences of these choices. It looks at the motive of becoming sexually active and how that will affect their lives in the long run. As parent of a teenage girl, I was hesitent to give her this book at first, but after seeing the results, I highly recommend it. But as parents, please read it yourself first to determine if your teen is ready for this book.
good book to open up the lines of communication with your teen
A must read for every parent and teenager. Great info as to how to prevent mistakes a tragedies you will regret.
Great book, sweet to his talk!
Have you ever wondered what makes men and woman so different? Why we like the things we like? This book explains a lot while keeping things light. I was laughing while reading it because he nails so much of what I am as I a guy and the 'For Girls ONLY' sections is HILARIOUS!! The read is somewhat targeted to high school kids, but the information contained is just as important for adults as well. Yea, you won't need to worry about proms and homecomings, but the dating information is amazing! Thanks Brad for this extremely insightful book that has greatly enhanced my understanding of the differences between men and woman and what makes them tick.

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Publisher: Winepress Pub (August 1, 2003)

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Don't Take Love Lying Down
Author: Brad Henning
Title: Don't Take Love Lying Down