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Performance Cycling: The Science of Success by James Hopker

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A user's guide to the most cutting edge knowledge in cycling science. If you're a keen cyclist but want to know more about the science behind the bike, this is the book for you. Get the practical application of this knowledge to give you the performance edge and put you ahead of the peleton.

Performance Cycling: The Science of Cycling is written by world renowned cycling authors alongside scientists working at the cutting edge of cycling research. Learn about: the latest training methodologies; how to implement pacing strategies; optimising nutrition; how to effectively set up your bike; and how to mentally prepare for optimal performance.

Whether you are a novice or pro cyclist, Performance Cycling is the essential user's guide to guarantee you reach your full potential.

Reviews (7)
This is not a book written by the two "authors"; it's a collection of 20 papers (chapters) written by different people, grouped into 10 sections by area. So there are, for example, 4 papers on training and 2 on nutrition. This leads to some repetition (it seems like every paper starts by explaining how varied cycling is), an uneven feel (some authors go into more detail than others; some write better than others), and a general lack of coherence. For example, on p64 (section detraining, in a paper on training) we learn that "very short term periods of no training are enough to bring glycogen levels towards sedentary values", but I can find nowhere that describes how glycogen levels increase with training (the only index entry for glycogen goes to a definition in the nutrition section, which encourages eating carbs to replenish glycogen, but has no training information).

The rear cover touts "the most cutting edge knowledge in cycling", but in practice each author - being limited to a single paper - concentrates on a quick, high-level summary of the basics in their field. Some add a final "interesting nugget" from the latest research, but that serves mainly to emphasise the lack of lower-level detail. The meat of the sandwich is missing. Further reading is given for each chapter, but not all are readily available (out of three chose at random, one was paywalled).

Unfortunately, the book also contains errors. In the first chapter I noticed that the keys for two graphs were reversed and contacted one of the editors - it turns out that although he is aware of the mistake, neither he nor the publishers have an errata sheet available.

Finally, for a book published this century, the insistent use of "he" to describe all cyclists seems a little odd (but hey, women, you get your own chapter - actually one of the better ones, with some quite detailed info).
If you love cycling but are tired of listening to folklore advice this is the book for you. Each chapter is written by an expert in the respective field and is based on both their experience and lots of published research. Whereas books like "The Cyclists Training Bible" expect you to trust them based on the fact that they wrote a book and it is published, and people have followed it. "Performance Cycling: The Science of Success" has 10 pages of scientific journal sources in the back of the book, broken up by which chapter the information was used in.
Most people would find this book very interesting.
If you are not really up to date with all the scientific information and you are interested in it, then this book gives a good survey of the current science.
However, if you're very much into coaching and training (=reading scientific papers about training in your free time) then this book won't teach you a lot.

For me, it was a good reminder of a lot of things I had already read at some point.
Best book out right now, covers everything and then some. Very very well done. I learned alot.If you are serious about cycling this is the book.
Ƀ⁞₳⁞Ð Ƀ⁞Ǿ⁞Ɏ
Good book on cycle training, with a solid list of references to dip into. An advanced book it is not designed for the beginner.
Excelente, Si quieres aprender los detalles de este complejo deporte, este es tu libro. altamente recomendado ya seas ciclista amateur, profesional o coach. Un enfoque científico con un lenguaje fácil de entender. Muy bien logrado, buen trabajo!
Very good
Great read very informative helped me in a few areas I was stuck in.

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Performance Cycling: The Science of Success
Sports & Outdoors
Author: James Hopker
Title: Performance Cycling: The Science of Success