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Unbreakable: My Life with Paul Hunter by Lindsey Hunter

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Lindsey met Paul Hunter when she was 21 and he was 18. When they married seven years later, Paul had become a golden boy in the world of snooker, dubbed "the Beckham of the baize," having won the Masters trophy three times, and attained a world ranking of number four, and Lindsey's happiness looked assured. But tragedy struck when Paul was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, neuro-endocrine tumors in his abdomen. Aggressive chemotherapy appeared to work, and within six months Paul was competing in a major championship, with Lindsey cheering him on from the side-lines. More joy came when Lindsey gave birth to their daughter, Evie Rose. But tragically, Paul died in October 2006, 18 months after his diagnosis, leaving Lindsey a widow and single mother. Lindsey was determined to celebrate Paul's life rather than mourn his death, and has dealt with the loss of her young husband on the beginning of their life together with strength and courage, for the sake of their daughter. This is not just a heartbreaking and inspirational story about Lindsey and Paul's unbreakable love but a testimony to one of the greatest sportsmen the snooker world has ever seen.

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felt boot
What a touching story! Such a beautiful family! Paul and Lindsey were so upbeat, all the while Paul is battling cancer. Paul was lucky to have Lindsey by his side throughout the ordeal, then delivering such a beautiful baby for both of them to share until his death.
I have searched for this book for a long time and finally I had the chance to read it on my Kindle. I can only say it's heartbreaking. It makes you realize what a wonderful person Paul Hunter was and how unlucky the entire world was to loose such an extraordinary man. There were moments when I couldn't stop myself from crying and I had to stop reading in order to recollect and wipe the tears I had.
I think every fan of Paul Hunter should read this book, but also all snooker fans should read it, maybe we'll learn to value life more.
RIP Paul Hunter

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Publisher: HarperCollins UK (August 1, 2008)

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Unbreakable: My Life with Paul Hunter
Sports & Outdoors
Author: Lindsey Hunter
Title: Unbreakable: My Life with Paul Hunter