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Countdown to Lockdown: A Hardcore Journal by Mick Foley

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The world famous wrestler and #1 New York Times bestselling author recounts the blood, sweat, and tears behind his knock-down, drag-out TNA debut comeback against archrival Sting.The fierce, fearless, and sometimes self-destructive man behind the personas of Cactus Jack, Mankind, and Dude Love, Mick Foley remains the undisputed literary king of the ring. In this mesmerizing memoir (hand-written, no ghost writer), Foley chronicles the heart-pounding buildup to his TNA debut, Lockdown, one of the most important matches of his long and storied career. His every limit is tested as he comes out of retirement and overcomes a host of injuries to get back in the ring with one of his most formidable opponents. He also dishes previously untold stories from his remarkable life, including his transition from the WWE to TNA, his stint as a ringside announcer, his tumultuous relationship with Vince McMahon, his thoughts and feelings on the use of steroids in wrestling, the tragic story of Chris Benoit, and his soul-saving charity work in Sierra Leone.Raw, frenetic, and adrenaline-fuelled, COUNTDOWN TO LOCKDOWN charts Foley's rebirth and rise to heights that his fans thought he would never see again.

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There's no question concerning Mick's ability to convey his thoughts on paper. His writing style is his own and quite interesting. Even professional at best.His obsession with Tori Amos' song "Winter" sometimes gets overbearing. Maybe it's his obsession with the song that helped Mick keep his sanity in the wacky world or pro wrestling. Although he credits Vice McMahon with giving him the opportunity to hit the "big time", Mick still concludes that Vince was still no more no less a pro wrestling promoter cut throat,out for every buck he could make, usually at the expense of the pro wrestler. While later wrestling in TNA, Mick has some good things to say concerning the TNA owner Dixie Carter. It appears her knockout good looks may have been influential in forming his opinion of her. However, Dixie did let him experiment with his own ideas which was very limited under the rule of Vince. Few pro wrestlers have sacrificed their health and bodies in the world of pro wrestling as Mick has.His one ear will attest to that fact. I can't help but wonder what he will look like when he turns 60? Knowing that the outcome of matches are scripted does not detract from the fact the bumps the wrestlers endure, just to give the fans their moneys worth.This book is not as good as Micks previous literary endeavors but still well worth reading.
I actually feel bad for Mick Foley because I think he is a great writer and I've read everything he's ever written - even the children's books to my kids. But this one seemed forced and recycled. If you read any of his other non-fiction books, probably no need to read this one as most of the great wrestling stories are in there again.

The best chapters were the ones where he introduces a new experience which is why I still think the book has some interest. I actually dreaded the chapters about the actual "Countdown to Lockdown" because they lacked focus and seemed repititious. There's really nothing new - even when Mick had a chance to bash the WWE for how he was treated.

I'll probably still read anything he puts out in the future, because there were still some interesting thoughts in here, just not his best.
i really did digg this book alot. i have all the memoir books and even some of the novels. my favorite has always been have a nice day which i do own 3 copies because eventually from over reading the spine would break and pages would get lost. If i would have to put these book in order from what i liked best this book would surly be number 2 after have a nice day. i like how honest mick foley is and am happy he tries to give back to the less fortunate. I was immediately sucked in even though i havent watched wrestling in ages or even any of the tna stuff but i felt like i missed out.i was a big fan during the 80s early 90s and of coarse the attitude era. Im glad i spent the money on this book and it was totally worth my time. Im glad mick foley doesnt go the jose canseco route and point fingers and drop names when it comes to talking about some of the darker parts of wrestling but i am glad he acknowledges it exists. Anyways hopefully some people take a chance and they buy this book in some way shape or form.
Another fun Foley autobiography that has some great details on Foley's run in TNA. From his angle with the Motor City Machine Guns to his Lockdown main event with Sting, it's a very good book. The only issue is that it ends before Foley was released by TNA so we should expect one more autobiography to cover that and his return to WWE.
A big bonus is how much of Foley's charity work is covered. You really get a different side of Mick and it's probably the best part of the book.
I Just have to wait on the other book to get here and I will own the whole book series they all are must own books by yours truly mick foley no co authors strictly from his mind to the pen and paper or type writer best wrestling authorautobiographies if your collector like
Mick Foley is still a good writer, but after so much of the same (this is his fourth autobiography), I couldn't say whether or not this book could stand on it's own. The first book, Have a Nice Day, was so good that I was willing to read ten more books just like it. Actually, I didn't read a lot of books before that. I was in high school and hated the weak fiction that I was forced to read before realizing non-fiction was much more interesting. It didn't hurt that my favorite wrestler had written it either. That is the problem with Countdown to Lockdown - if you're not a fan I don't think it could keep you interested. The minutia of life in between the big moments might come off like a long-winded friend telling you about his kids for a little too long. Recommended for Foley fanatics and those interested in the twilight of a career in professional wrestling.
His worst book.
Unlike his first unforgettable novel, this is a huge disappointment. If you're expecting to be entertained, you'd be better off going to your local zoo. I certainly would not recommend. The only thing hardcore about this was the money I spent buying this drivel.

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Countdown to Lockdown: A Hardcore Journal
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Author: Mick Foley
Title: Countdown to Lockdown: A Hardcore Journal